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Death vs Monstars 2 cheats codes (Death vs Monstars 2)

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Cheats to game Death vs Monstars 2 (Death vs Monstars 2):
Button 1 - Add money, Button 2 - Add health, Button 3 - Normal mode, Button 4 - Specials, Button 5 - Win level!

Description of the game Death vs Monstars 2 with cheats:

Death vs Monstars 2 with cheats (Death vs Monstars 2)
Aunt with a scythe again does not give monsters a quiet life. Here, death took the form of a skull and flies in the air, shelling all the living things that appear in its field of vision. Take on the role of death to clear the sky of the enemy. For each defeated monster on the game account, the money is automatically credited, which can be spent on upgrading the skills of the flying skull.