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Tank Blitz Zero (Tank Blitz Zero) with cheats

Tank Blitz Zero

Infinite ammunition!

Storm Ops 2 - Desert Storm (Storm Ops 2 - Desert Storm) with cheats

Storm Ops 2 - Desert Storm

Infinite health and money!

Wacky Strike (Wacky Strike) with cheats

Wacky Strike

Button G - Health, Button H - Cooldown, Button J - Candy, Button K - Magic

Soldiers (Soldiers) with cheats



Planet Juicer (Planet Juicer) with cheats

Planet Juicer

When you buy money is added.

SnipeDown (SnipeDown) with cheats


All upgrades are free!

Scrap Metal Heroes (Scrap Metal Heroes) with cheats

Scrap Metal Heroes

Infinite resources.

Vault of Xenos (Vault of Xenos) with cheats

Vault of Xenos

Button 4 - Lives, Button 5 - Health units, Button 6 - Skill, Button 7 - Kill

Tales of Terratos (Tales of Terratos) with cheats

Tales of Terratos

Button 1 - Activate barrier health, Button 2 - Secret points, Button 3 - Fury,

Grid of Defense (Grid of Defense) with cheats

Grid of Defense

When you buy money is added.

Robotic Emergence (Robotic Emergence) with cheats

Robotic Emergence

When you buy money is added.

Rails of War (Rails of War) with cheats

Rails of War

All trains and weapons are unlocked!

Relic of War (Relic of War) with cheats

Relic of War

Much money!

Way of Defence (Way of Defence) with cheats

Way of Defence

For every killed enemy give 10 times more money!

Summon The Hero (Summon The Hero) with cheats

Summon The Hero

Endless money.

Last Battle (Last Battle) with cheats

Last Battle

Much money!

Pirates vs Undead (Pirates vs Undead) with cheats

Pirates vs Undead

When you buy money is added.

SteamBirds: Survival (SteamBirds: Survival) with cheats

SteamBirds: Survival

Coming soon!


War games are represented in many genres. It can be both shooting games and strategy. The plot in such applications is quite fascinating. Here you can choose between large locations and different units of equipment or weapons that actually exist.


Military themes in toys are popular and gives everyone the opportunity to visit a soldier, defending the front line or the general who develops strategies. Cheats in games can be used at any difficulty level, and the codes will allow you to obtain the necessary weapons or replenish the quickly required resources for warfare, both against the computer and against a real opponent.