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Arcuz (Arcuz) with cheats


Health, Gold, Glasses, All skills are pumped!

Arcanorum (Arcanorum) with cheats


All weapons and ships are open!

Arcane - The Armor Collector (Arcane - The Armor Collector) with cheats

Arcane - The Armor Collector

Endless money!

Smash Palace (Smash Palace) with cheats

Smash Palace

When shopping, money is added!

Anti Terorrist Rush (Anti Terorrist Rush) with cheats

Anti Terorrist Rush

Button 1 - Increase health, Button 2 - Increase time, Button 3 - Kill all

Anti Zombie Bunker (Anti Zombie Bunker) with cheats

Anti Zombie Bunker

Button 1 - Health switch, Button 2 - Recharge time, Button 3 - Money

Alpha Force (Alpha Force) with cheats

Alpha Force

999 lives, 999 smart bombs, 999 passes and 999 armor.

Alienocalypse (Alienocalypse) with cheats


When shopping, DNA and evolution points are added!

Hellsforge (Hellsforge) with cheats


When you buy money is added.

Outpost: Haven (Outpost: Haven) with cheats

Outpost: Haven

Infinite health and ammo!

Absorbed (Absorbed) with cheats


The J button switches endless health!

Stark Raving Ted (Stark Raving Ted) with cheats

Stark Raving Ted


V8 Muscle Cars 3 (V8 Muscle Cars 3) with cheats

V8 Muscle Cars 3

Machines and tracks are unlocked. + infinite nitro!

V8 Muscle Cars (V8 Muscle Cars) with cheats

V8 Muscle Cars

Machines and tracks are unlocked. + infinite nitro!

S.W.A.T. (S.W.A.T.) with cheats


Infinite health and ammo!

13 Days After (13 Days After) with cheats

13 Days After

A lot of money, points and ammunition!

Five Fights At Freddys (Five Fights At Freddys) with cheats

Five Fights At Freddys

Endless life