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Snail Bob 1 (Snail Bob 1) with cheats

Snail Bob 1

All levels are unlocked, hover your mouse over the levels to see that they are

Snail Bob 2 (Snail Bob 2) with cheats

Snail Bob 2

All levels are unlocked!

Defend Your Nuts (Defend Your Nuts) with cheats

Defend Your Nuts

Endless money, you can buy an unlimited number of extensions for your weapons

Cactus Hunter (Cactus Hunter) with cheats

Cactus Hunter

All levels are unlocked, endless shots, the ball bounces 50 times

Jacksmith (Jacksmith) with cheats


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Home Sheep Home 2: Lost in London (Home Sheep Home 2: Lost in London) with cheats

Home Sheep Home 2: Lost in London

Use the buttons to turn on the cheats that you see in the game window

Home Sheep Home 1 (Home Sheep Home 1) with cheats

Home Sheep Home 1

All levels are unlocked, all lambs jump much higher than usual

Bebry City Life (Bebry City Life) with cheats

Bebry City Life

All levels are unlocked, infinitely many bombs and lives

Strike Force Kitty 2 (Strike Force Kitty 2) with cheats

Strike Force Kitty 2

A lot of fish!

Strike Force Kitty 1 (Strike Force Kitty 1) with cheats

Strike Force Kitty 1

All levels are unlocked. Extra lives for kittens.

Polar Bob (Polar Bob) with cheats

Polar Bob

Sponsors, developer links add 10 times more money

Youda Survivor 2 (Youda Survivor 2) with cheats

Youda Survivor 2

Vital energy

Youda Survivor 1 (Youda Survivor 1) with cheats

Youda Survivor 1

All your actions add energy and shields. No need for money, as in the still

Kizi Trek (Kizi Trek) with cheats

Kizi Trek

All worlds and levels are unlocked

Kaban: Sheep (Kaban: Sheep) with cheats

Kaban: Sheep

All levels are unlocked, infinite energy

NT Creature (NT Creature) with cheats

NT Creature

Endless money (gold)

Goo Bob (Goo Bob) with cheats

Goo Bob

All levels are unlocked!

Crazy penguin catapult (Crazy penguin catapult) with cheats

Crazy penguin catapult

Upgrade after each level


Games about animals are interesting and entertaining plots. There can be a lot of genres in this series. So the user can begin to look after specific species from the animal kingdom, growing them. Other series allow, on the contrary, in the face of the hunter to track down the desired prey. Also popular and simulators, where you can get yourself a pet and take care of it for a long period of time.

Regardless of the chosen genre, you will need to pass certain missions, where after completion points will be awarded. These glasses can be obtained quickly, because each such game works with cheats, and also has the ability to enter codes.