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Renegade Racing (Renegade Racing) with cheats

Renegade Racing

With upgrades, money is added.

Max Fury Death Racer (Max Fury Death Racer) with cheats

Max Fury Death Racer

When you buy money is added.

Death Racers (Death Racers) with cheats

Death Racers

All levels are unlocked, endless fuel and ammunition!

Deadly Race (Deadly Race) with cheats

Deadly Race

A lot of ammunition!

Rocky Rider 2 (Rocky Rider 2) with cheats

Rocky Rider 2

Endless fuel!

Rally Stage (Rally Stage) with cheats

Rally Stage

Button 1 - Turbo, Button 2 - Time, Button 3 - Money, Button 4 - Win level!

Gangsters Way (Gangsters Way) with cheats

Gangsters Way

All upgrades are free!

Police Pursuit 3D (Police Pursuit 3D) with cheats

Police Pursuit 3D

Button 3 - Nitro, Button 4 - Points, Button 5 - Time, Button 6 - Win level!

Paintball Racers (Paintball Racers) with cheats

Paintball Racers

Endless money.

The Heist 2 (The Heist 2) with cheats

The Heist 2

999 lives!

The Heist (The Heist) with cheats

The Heist

Endless money.

Desktop Racing 2 (Desktop Racing 2) with cheats

Desktop Racing 2

All levels are unlocked!

Desktop Racing (Desktop Racing) with cheats

Desktop Racing


Motor Beast (Motor Beast) with cheats

Motor Beast

All upgrades are free!

Dead Paradise 4 (Dead Paradise 4) with cheats

Dead Paradise 4

Button 1 - Activate health, Button 2 - Activate ammunition, Button 3 - Activate

Dead Paradise 3 (Dead Paradise 3) with cheats

Dead Paradise 3

All upgrades are free!

Dead Paradise 2 (Dead Paradise 2) with cheats

Dead Paradise 2

When you buy money is added.

Dead Paradise (Dead Paradise) with cheats

Dead Paradise

Infinite health and ammo!


Game machines are represented in many genres in flash games. Here, each user can choose for himself a more suitable mode. It can be simulators. Where you need to drive without damage a certain section of the road and the race, where you need to overtake other players. On typewriters in such toys it is interesting to move around so there are systems for their modification and a large number of rounds.


In addition, users can choose a large number of vehicles or open them as the game itself passes. Cheats and codes in these games will allow you to quickly open the desired car and successfully pass the round on it.