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Businessman Simulator 3 (Businessman Simulator 3) with cheats

Businessman Simulator 3

Coming soon!

GatherX (GatherX) with cheats


When selling ores give 10 times more money!

Hero Simulator: Idle Adventures (Hero Simulator: Idle Adventures) with cheats

Hero Simulator: Idle Adventures

Button 1 - Auto-Gold, Button 2 - A lot of gold, Button 3 - A lot of honor,

Hero Simulator (Hero Simulator) with cheats

Hero Simulator

Button 1 - Gold, Button 2 - Honor, Button 3 - Increase the level!

Businessman Simulator 2 (Businessman Simulator 2) with cheats

Businessman Simulator 2

Button 1 - AutoMoney, Button 2 - A lot of money, Button 3 - Stars!

Businessman Simulator (Businessman Simulator) with cheats

Businessman Simulator

Button 1 - AutoMoney, Button 2 - Increase earnings, Button 3 - Stars!

Soda Dungeon Lite (Soda Dungeon Lite) with cheats

Soda Dungeon Lite

Button 1 - Activate health, Button 2 - Activate mana, Button 3 - Gold!

Smash Car Clicker (Smash Car Clicker) with cheats

Smash Car Clicker

Clicks give a lot of money!

Pinata Hunter 3 (Pinata Hunter 3) with cheats

Pinata Hunter 3

Button 1 - Activate the immortality of the pinate, Button 2 - Money!

One Million Skeletons (One Million Skeletons) with cheats

One Million Skeletons

Button 1 - Activate the health of the hero, Button 2 - Money!

Immense Army (Immense Army) with cheats

Immense Army

Button 1 - Activate army strength, Button 2 - Gold, Button 3 - Play level!

Must-a-Mine (Must-a-Mine) with cheats


Coming soon!

Destination Kepler (Destination Kepler) with cheats

Destination Kepler

Button J adds money.

Swords and Souls (Swords and Souls) with cheats

Swords and Souls

Button 1 - Activate lives, Button 2 - UP level, Button 3 - Status glasses,

Mine Quest Idle (Mine Quest Idle) with cheats

Mine Quest Idle

Button 1 - Gold, Button 2 - Activate Auto-Revenue, Button 3 - One hit!

Idle Farmer (Idle Farmer) with cheats

Idle Farmer

When you buy money is added.

Blacksmith Lab (Blacksmith Lab) with cheats

Blacksmith Lab

Button 1 - Add money!

Awesome Run 2 (Awesome Run 2) with cheats

Awesome Run 2

Button 1 - Activate energy drinks, Button 2 - Activate boost, Button 3 -


Games clickers are the youngest and the most popular genre in this entertainment industry. According to the intentions of developers of such applications, players will need to perform all actions by clicking on the objects specified on the monitor site. Also, such games can be launched through the tablets. Then to perform the actions you will need to press your finger on a certain part of the monitor.


A feature of these games is the difficulty levels. To pass, with each round it will be necessary to react faster. To go through a complex type of game site, you can start with cheats. Коdy will improve the gameplay, and help to quickly go through the game.