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Papa`s Taco Mia (Papa`s Taco Mia) with cheats

Papa`s Taco Mia

All purchases are free.

Papa's Sushiria (Papa's Sushiria) with cheats

Papa's Sushiria

When using tickets, tickets are added!

Papa`s Donuteria (Papa`s Donuteria) with cheats

Papa`s Donuteria

All purchases are free.

Papa`s Pizzeria (Papa`s Pizzeria) with cheats

Papa`s Pizzeria

Enter HAG to get endless tips and days!

Papa's Pastaria (Papa's Pastaria) with cheats

Papa's Pastaria

Button 1 - Orders, Button 2 - Types!

Papa's Bakeria (Papa's Bakeria) with cheats

Papa's Bakeria

Button 1 - Tickets!

Papa`s Pancakeria (Papa`s Pancakeria) with cheats

Papa`s Pancakeria

When you buy money is added.

Papa`s Wingeria (Papa`s Wingeria) with cheats

Papa`s Wingeria

Clicking the buttons with the Facebook or Twitter logo gives a lot of money!

Papa`s Cupcakeria (Papa`s Cupcakeria) with cheats

Papa`s Cupcakeria

Customers are always happy!

Papa`s Freezeria (Papa`s Freezeria) with cheats

Papa`s Freezeria

When you buy money is added.

Papa`s Wingeria (Papa`s Wingeria) with cheats

Papa`s Wingeria

When you buy money is added.

Papa's Cheeseria (Papa's Cheeseria) with cheats

Papa's Cheeseria

Button 1 switch mode "all customers are always happy"!

Papa's Burgeria (Papa's Burgeria) with cheats

Papa's Burgeria

Much money!


Games to prepare food can be found in various subjects. It can be like restaurants. Where the player acts as a cook. Its main task will be the preparation of the dish delivered to the order with the help of these ingredients. For this, he will have a limited amount of time. With further passage, in each round, cooking food will be needed more quickly. Also the number of orders will grow.


The game is interesting for its large number of action and the complexity of the dishes. The player will get acquainted with the kitchens of many countries. In order to pass the levels more quickly and develop a whole restaurant network, you can use codes or cheats that will give you the necessary additional resources or freeze the cooking time.