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Construction and modernization gives cash. Buying items gives gold.


Cowboys are the most popular heroes in the Wild West. About them shown a lot of movies and done a lot of games. In this section we have collected games with codes in which the characters of the game are cowboys. These courageous, brave and courageous heroes have perfectly proven themselves, and now, they appear in all branches of culture, including flash games.

Hacked Flash games about cowboys with cheats - this is a separate industry, where the games of all genres are collected. There may be: famous dueling, shooting, sheriffs, saloons and all other features of the desert life of these brave heroes.


The wild west is popular both in books and in films. Games About cowboys have adopted the most interesting and improbable story histories that users could enjoy the gameplay. Cowboys often traveled on the expanses of wild prairies, and today in the story players get this opportunity, discovering this harsh colorful world. In such applications will have to deal with the unraveling of various stories and fight raids bandits.

Successful missions may require a permanent performance improvement. To do this, you can apply cheats and codes that quickly will help to cope with this task.

In general, it's time to feel like a real brave cowboys and plunge into the Wild West, smell the gunpowder from your favorite revolver, hold a few duels and prove to the sheriff who is the main cowboy!