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Severe Road (Severe Road) with cheats

Severe Road

When you buy money is added.

Awesome Pirates (Awesome Pirates) with cheats

Awesome Pirates

All purchases are free.

Little Farm Protect (Защита Маленькой Фермы) with cheats

Защита Маленькой Фермы

Кнопка 6 - Увеличить HP, Кнопка 7 - Золото, Кнопка 8 - Убить всех врагов!

Super Marine (Super Marine) with cheats

Super Marine

Press 1 when downloading to get all the resources to the maximum!

Super Squad (Super Squad) with cheats

Super Squad

Button 1 - Barikade health, Button 2 - Cooldown, Button 3 - Money, Button 4 -

Storm Ops 2 - Desert Storm (Storm Ops 2 - Desert Storm) with cheats

Storm Ops 2 - Desert Storm

Infinite health and money!

Sentry Knight 3: Conquest (Sentry Knight 3: Conquest) with cheats

Sentry Knight 3: Conquest

Endless bonuses!

Sentry Knight 2 (Sentry Knight 2) with cheats

Sentry Knight 2

All upgrades are free!

Clash of the Olympians (Clash of the Olympians) with cheats

Clash of the Olympians

All purchases are free.

SnipeDown (SnipeDown) with cheats


All upgrades are free!

Bois Darc (Bois Darc) with cheats

Bois Darc

The castle is invulnerable!

Knight Elite: Orc Assault (Knight Elite: Orc Assault) with cheats

Knight Elite: Orc Assault

Buttons 1 - add money, Button 2 - add crystals.

Siege Knight (Siege Knight) with cheats

Siege Knight

Endless money.

Knights vs Zombies (Knights vs Zombies) with cheats

Knights vs Zombies

When you buy money is added.

Radio Zed (Radio Zed) with cheats

Radio Zed

Lots of money and upgrade points!

Way of Defence (Way of Defence) with cheats

Way of Defence

For every killed enemy give 10 times more money!

Desert Moon (Desert Moon) with cheats

Desert Moon

When you buy money is added.

Carveola Incident - 2118 AD (Carveola Incident - 2118 AD) with cheats

Carveola Incident - 2118 AD

Lots of money and health.


Defensive games include whole action complexes. Players can choose from a wide selection of guns and barrage structures that need to be used competently to repel new waves of attacks. The defensive genre also includes the pumping of such devices.


This is necessary so that with increasing complexity on each level, it would be easier to repel enemy attacks. Cheats help to solve this problem, because not always, it turns out, quickly accumulate the right resource for upgrade. Using the codes you can add the required amount of energy or gold and defeat even the most powerful attacker.