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Destroy the Village (Destroy the Village) with cheats

Destroy the Village

Infinite missiles and fuel.

Paris Rex (Paris Rex) with cheats

Paris Rex


Mexico Rex (Mexico Rex) with cheats

Mexico Rex

Coming soon!

Crush the Castle 2 (Crush the Castle 2) with cheats

Crush the Castle 2

All weapons are unlocked!

Crush the Castle - Players Pack (Crush the Castle - Players Pack) with cheats

Crush the Castle - Players Pack

All weapons are unlocked!

Crush the Castle (Crush the Castle) with cheats

Crush the Castle

All levels are unlocked, lots of ammunition!

Rubble Trouble - Moscow (Rubble Trouble - Moscow) with cheats

Rubble Trouble - Moscow

All levels are unlocked!

The Pyro Guy (The Pyro Guy) with cheats

The Pyro Guy

Infinite ammunition!

Sieger: Level Pack (Sieger: Level Pack) with cheats

Sieger: Level Pack

Infinite ammunition!

Sieger - Rebuilt to Destroy (Sieger - Rebuilt to Destroy) with cheats

Sieger - Rebuilt to Destroy

All levels are unlocked!

Sieger (Sieger) with cheats


All levels are unlocked!

Sieger 2 (Sieger 2) with cheats

Sieger 2

Button 1 - Activate immortality, Button 2 - Activate ammunition, Button 3 - Win

Necronator 2 (Necronator 2) with cheats

Necronator 2

When you buy money is added.

Necronator (Necronator) with cheats


Unlimited amount of money and mana!

Motor Beast (Motor Beast) with cheats

Motor Beast

All upgrades are free!

Brainzilla (Brainzilla) with cheats


When you buy money is added.

Mister Bazooka (Mister Bazooka) with cheats

Mister Bazooka

Button 1 - The next level!


Not all games are aimed at building buildings and creating cities. Games for destruction are different in that the user will need to destroy various objects for a set period of time. To destroy, the player will be presented with a choice of different equipment or forces of nature. Each level in this game will have more massive buildings, on which it is necessary to spend resources competently, in time to destroy them.


To do this, players can use cheats. Special programs that have built-in codes allow you to get missing glasses to improve destructive technology or open new types of equipment.