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Super Marine (Super Marine) with cheats

Super Marine

Press 1 when downloading to get all the resources to the maximum!

Sparkman: Stop World (Sparkman: Stop World) with cheats

Sparkman: Stop World

All levels are unlocked!

Planet Juicer (Planet Juicer) with cheats

Planet Juicer

When you buy money is added.

Destructo Dog 2 (Destructo Dog 2) with cheats

Destructo Dog 2

All purchases are free.

Destructo Dog (Destructo Dog) with cheats

Destructo Dog

When you buy money is added, infinite ammunition!

Scuba (Scuba) with cheats


Infinite health and oxygen!

Robots Can`t Think (Robots Can`t Think) with cheats

Robots Can`t Think


Robotic Emergence (Robotic Emergence) with cheats

Robotic Emergence

When you buy money is added.

Robokill 2 (Robokill 2) with cheats

Robokill 2

When you buy money is added.

Furious Space (Furious Space) with cheats

Furious Space

Immortality, when shopping, money is added!

Raze 3 (Raze 3) with cheats

Raze 3

All levels are unlocked!

Raze 2 (Raze 2) with cheats

Raze 2

When you buy money is added, all levels are unlocked!

Raze (Raze) with cheats


Infinite health and money!

Obliterate Everything 2 (Obliterate Everything 2) with cheats

Obliterate Everything 2

Lots of credits and energy!

Desert Moon (Desert Moon) with cheats

Desert Moon

When you buy money is added.

Carveola Incident - 2118 AD (Carveola Incident - 2118 AD) with cheats

Carveola Incident - 2118 AD

Lots of money and health.

Aliens, Get Out (Aliens, Get Out) with cheats

Aliens, Get Out

Button 1 - Win level!

Alien Attack Team 2 (Alien Attack Team 2) with cheats

Alien Attack Team 2

Cheap purchases!


Fantastic games are always filled with a variety of incredible locations and bizarre creatures. Depending on the type of players selected, I will wait for a variety of rounds with increasing levels of difficulty. In the game there are companies for passing with legends and various mythical animals. A fantastic genre can be like a distant future, and not a forgotten past.


Cheats will come to the rescue of any player who has encountered insurmountable obstacles during such a game. Different codes help to quickly improve a managed character or skip a place that is very difficult to pass.