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Destroy the Village (Destroy the Village) with cheats

Destroy the Village

Infinite missiles and fuel.

Mad Trucker 2 (Mad Trucker 2) with cheats

Mad Trucker 2

Infinite resources.

Renegade Racing (Renegade Racing) with cheats

Renegade Racing

With upgrades, money is added.

Stickman Downhill (Stickman Downhill) with cheats

Stickman Downhill

Much money!

Stickman Dirtbike (Stickman Dirtbike) with cheats

Stickman Dirtbike

Much money!

Max Fury Death Racer (Max Fury Death Racer) with cheats

Max Fury Death Racer

When you buy money is added.

Death Racers (Death Racers) with cheats

Death Racers

All levels are unlocked, endless fuel and ammunition!

Deadly Road Trip (Deadly Road Trip) with cheats

Deadly Road Trip

All upgrades are free!

Deadly Race (Deadly Race) with cheats

Deadly Race

A lot of ammunition!

Dump Truck (Dump Truck) with cheats

Dump Truck

All levels are unlocked!

Rocky Rider 2 (Rocky Rider 2) with cheats

Rocky Rider 2

Endless fuel!

Rails of War (Rails of War) with cheats

Rails of War

All trains and weapons are unlocked!

Rally Stage (Rally Stage) with cheats

Rally Stage

Button 1 - Turbo, Button 2 - Time, Button 3 - Money, Button 4 - Win level!

Gangsters Way (Gangsters Way) with cheats

Gangsters Way

All upgrades are free!

Police Pursuit 3D (Police Pursuit 3D) with cheats

Police Pursuit 3D

Button 3 - Nitro, Button 4 - Points, Button 5 - Time, Button 6 - Win level!

Truck Loader 5 (Truck Loader 5) with cheats

Truck Loader 5

Button 1 - Win level!

Truck Loader 2 (Truck Loader 2) with cheats

Truck Loader 2

All levels are unlocked!

Bad Piggies HD (Bad Piggies HD) with cheats

Bad Piggies HD

All levels are unlocked!


Games for control various vehicles are quite popular with gamers. Such applications have many different vehicles to choose from. Toys for the management of both cars and construction equipment are characterized by an exciting story, where the player has to face with each new round more difficult obstacles and improve their skills to overcome them.


Games have many different story companies. In order to pass all levels, you also need to modernize transport. Therefore, for a more comfortable game, you can use different cheats or codes that help to quickly improve all the characteristics.