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StrikeForce Kitty - Last Stand (StrikeForce Kitty - Last Stand) with cheats

StrikeForce Kitty - Last Stand

[1] - Toggle Unit Health [2] - Toggle Instant Treatment [3] - Fishes (0-5000)

Businessman Simulator 3 (Businessman Simulator 3) with cheats

Businessman Simulator 3

Coming soon!

Duck Life 4 (Duck Life 4) with cheats

Duck Life 4

Key hacks : [Q] Money + 10000 [W] Duck 1 level meters + 10 [E] Duck 2 level

StrikeForce Kitty - League (StrikeForce Kitty - League) with cheats

StrikeForce Kitty - League

Button 1 - Health, Button 2 - Abilities, Button 3 - Rewind days, Button 4 -

Duck Tub Battle (Duck Tub Battle) with cheats

Duck Tub Battle

All upgrades are free!

Duck Life 3 - Evolution (Duck Life 3 - Evolution) with cheats

Duck Life 3 - Evolution

Much money!

Papa`s Taco Mia (Papa`s Taco Mia) with cheats

Papa`s Taco Mia

All purchases are free.

Happy Tower (Happy Tower) with cheats

Happy Tower

Purchases and upgrades are free!

Papa's Sushiria (Papa's Sushiria) with cheats

Papa's Sushiria

When using tickets, tickets are added!

Zombie Mart (Zombie Mart) with cheats

Zombie Mart

Buy 1 item and get a lot of money!

Superdozer (Superdozer) with cheats


Button 1 - Win level!

Shopping City (Shopping City) with cheats

Shopping City

Infinite resources.

Wacky Strike (Wacky Strike) with cheats

Wacky Strike

Button G - Health, Button H - Cooldown, Button J - Candy, Button K - Magic

Save Bugs From Spider (Save Bugs From Spider) with cheats

Save Bugs From Spider

All levels are unlocked!

Cover Orange 2 (Cover Orange 2) with cheats

Cover Orange 2

Button N - Next level!

Cover Orange (Cover Orange) with cheats

Cover Orange

Button N - Next level!

Soviet Rocket Giraffe (Soviet Rocket Giraffe) with cheats

Soviet Rocket Giraffe

Endless double jumps.

GatherX (GatherX) with cheats


When selling ores give 10 times more money!


Games for girls are presented in different genres. Most often these are fantastic fantasy, where figures from fairy tales and cartoons appear. The plot of the game is quite interesting. Even more than such applications for the girl are the colorfulness of locations. Each level here has well-drawn objects with an interesting sound and music accompaniment. Also, many games are created based on fairy tales, so they will be interesting to play.


In addition, in such games you can get yourself a nice pet or arrange a whole kingdom. In order to successfully cope with such problems you can play with cheats and codes.