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The War Cry (The War Cry) with cheats

The War Cry

All purchases add gold, mana is added every second

Bois D'Ark (Bois D'Ark) with cheats

Bois D'Ark

Click: 1 - Add lives 2 - Recharge 3 - To win


There are many fabulous worlds. Games about gnomes and goblins This is a whole separate world of mystical beings who live in remote places and underground castles. Gnomes and goblins are popular characters in many modern games. They have their own re-designed skills that users must Improve as you progress through the story company. In addition, such fabulous creatures can use different types of weapons and armor, which they improve with each round.


To do this, each game has a system of rewards. AT depending on the level of difficulty the game receives gold or points necessary for improvements. They can be obtained quite easily using different codes or cheats.