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Businessman Simulator 3 (Businessman Simulator 3) with cheats

Businessman Simulator 3

Coming soon!

Duck Life 4 (Duck Life 4) with cheats

Duck Life 4

Key hacks : [Q] Money + 10000 [W] Duck 1 level meters + 10 [E] Duck 2 level

Feudalism 3 (Feudalism 3) with cheats

Feudalism 3

When you buy money is added.

Feudalism 2 (Feudalism 2) with cheats

Feudalism 2

Infinite resources.

Duck Life 3 - Evolution (Duck Life 3 - Evolution) with cheats

Duck Life 3 - Evolution

Much money!

Papa`s Taco Mia (Papa`s Taco Mia) with cheats

Papa`s Taco Mia

All purchases are free.

Happy Tower (Happy Tower) with cheats

Happy Tower

Purchases and upgrades are free!

Papa's Sushiria (Papa's Sushiria) with cheats

Papa's Sushiria

When using tickets, tickets are added!

Zombie Mart (Zombie Mart) with cheats

Zombie Mart

Buy 1 item and get a lot of money!

Shopping City (Shopping City) with cheats

Shopping City

Infinite resources.

GatherX (GatherX) with cheats


When selling ores give 10 times more money!

The Truth Simulation (The Truth Simulation) with cheats

The Truth Simulation

Much money!

Businessman Simulator 2 (Businessman Simulator 2) with cheats

Businessman Simulator 2

Button 1 - AutoMoney, Button 2 - A lot of money, Button 3 - Stars!

Businessman Simulator (Businessman Simulator) with cheats

Businessman Simulator

Button 1 - AutoMoney, Button 2 - Increase earnings, Button 3 - Stars!

Fishtopia Tycoon 2 (Fishtopia Tycoon 2) with cheats

Fishtopia Tycoon 2

Endless money.

Robinson Crusoe Game (Robinson Crusoe Game) with cheats

Robinson Crusoe Game

Free shopping!

Tower Up (Tower Up) with cheats

Tower Up

Endless money.

Pre Civilization - Bronze Age (Pre Civilization - Bronze Age) with cheats

Pre Civilization - Bronze Age

Button 1 - Technical glasses, Button 2 - Production, Button 3 - Workers, Button


The management of the game is constructed in such a way that each player must competently distribute the available resources in each round for the development of the storyline. Such types of applications allow not only to spend an interesting time, but also learn how to manage many processes correctly. Simulating many real processes in management you can understand how the trading system works or in business.


The genre of such games is very popular. Each level has different degrees of difficulty for passing. It may take many hours to successfully complete the round and move on. To quickly achieve the desired result, you can apply cheats. Such codes will help to solve the task in a short time.