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GatherX (GatherX) with cheats


When selling ores give 10 times more money!

Scuba (Scuba) with cheats


Infinite health and oxygen!

Orion Sandbox Enhanced (Orion Sandbox Enhanced) with cheats

Orion Sandbox Enhanced

Coming soon!

Orion Sandbox (Orion Sandbox) with cheats

Orion Sandbox

Coming soon!

Alone - Zombiewoods (Alone - Zombiewoods) with cheats

Alone - Zombiewoods

Button 5 - Activate Health, Button 2 - Zoom lvl, Button 7 - Stars, Button 8 -

Must-a-Mine (Must-a-Mine) with cheats


Coming soon!

New World (New World) with cheats

New World

Infinite resources.

Monster Craft 2 (Monster Craft 2) with cheats

Monster Craft 2

Button 1 - Activate units of life, Button 2 Activate spells, Button 3 - Money,

Monster Craft (Monster Craft) with cheats

Monster Craft

Endless money.

Minicraft Flash (Minicraft Flash) with cheats

Minicraft Flash

Coming soon!

Minecraft 2D - Mine Blocks (Minecraft 2D - Mine Blocks) with cheats

Minecraft 2D - Mine Blocks

Button 1 - Activate Health!

Mine Quest Idle (Mine Quest Idle) with cheats

Mine Quest Idle

Button 1 - Gold, Button 2 - Activate Auto-Revenue, Button 3 - One hit!

Amazing Adventures Mustached Driller (Amazing Adventures Mustached Driller) with cheats

Amazing Adventures Mustached Driller

When you buy money is added, immortality!

Reach the Core (Reach the Core) with cheats

Reach the Core

Button 1 - Increase health, Button 2 - Increase energy, Button 3 - Turn on

Diggy (Diggy) with cheats


Gold in mining increases 10 times!


Games minecraft love children all over the world. Various versions are created with interesting tasks and scenes for the passage. Here you can build a house or farm a farm. You can also go to conquer other sites, exploring different neighborhoods. All the games are represented in the style typical for minecraft in the form of cubes.


Games have many different characters. You can also create your own. To travel and create different types of buildings may require additional resources. For this game you can use with cheats. Embedded codes allow you to quickly get the necessary funds for further development.