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The Dead Pirate's Chest (The Dead Pirate's Chest) with cheats

The Dead Pirate's Chest

All the improvement adds gold, unlimited specialists

Fort Blaster (Fort Blaster) with cheats

Fort Blaster

All levels are unlocked, endless cartridges


Games about pirates, often created by films and books, where there were such characters. Now playing in such applications, the user gives the opportunity to stay robbers and go to conquer the seas and seize New vessels in search of untold treasures and glory of the owners of the seas. Missions in toys, where there are pirates, are quite diverse and colorful. All fights occur on the seas and oceans by capturing a new vessel and war with seamen.

In order to improve the fighters and the ship itself is necessary a lot of gold, which must be obtained when robbing ships. To speed up such process and create the strongest team you can use different cheats and codes.