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Happy Tower (Happy Tower) with cheats

Happy Tower

Purchases and upgrades are free!

Zombie Mart (Zombie Mart) with cheats

Zombie Mart

Buy 1 item and get a lot of money!

Super Fighters - Ultimate (Super Fighters - Ultimate) with cheats

Super Fighters - Ultimate

Coming soon!

Random Heroes (Random Heroes) with cheats

Random Heroes

Much money!

Vault of Xenos (Vault of Xenos) with cheats

Vault of Xenos

Button 4 - Lives, Button 5 - Health units, Button 6 - Skill, Button 7 - Kill

Sugar Sugar 3 (Sugar Sugar 3) with cheats

Sugar Sugar 3

All levels are unlocked!

Robots Can`t Think (Robots Can`t Think) with cheats

Robots Can`t Think


Robotic Emergence (Robotic Emergence) with cheats

Robotic Emergence

When you buy money is added.

Robot Wants Kitty (Robot Wants Kitty) with cheats

Robot Wants Kitty


Relic of War (Relic of War) with cheats

Relic of War

Much money!

The Actual Monster (The Actual Monster) with cheats

The Actual Monster


Smash Car Clicker (Smash Car Clicker) with cheats

Smash Car Clicker

Clicks give a lot of money!

Radio Zed (Radio Zed) with cheats

Radio Zed

Lots of money and upgrade points!

Tower Up (Tower Up) with cheats

Tower Up

Endless money.

Rubble Trouble - Moscow (Rubble Trouble - Moscow) with cheats

Rubble Trouble - Moscow

All levels are unlocked!

Bad Ice-Cream (Bad Ice-Cream) with cheats

Bad Ice-Cream


Bad Ice-Cream 2 (Bad Ice-Cream 2) with cheats

Bad Ice-Cream 2

Coming soon!

Cemetery Guard (Cemetery Guard) with cheats

Cemetery Guard



Pixel games were popular 20 years ago. Today the demand for such applications is starting to grow again. This is explained by the fact that it is quite easy to create such games. They are based on a pixel image that can be easily drawn in various graphic editors and add a small animation.


Genres in such games are also a large number. Many are transferred to more modern application platforms, which were played on consoles in the 90's. Retro games are quite interesting and at the same time challenging. To go through a fascinating company, you can use both codes and cheats to get the necessary weapons or resources.