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Jacksmith (Jacksmith) with cheats


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Home Sheep Home 2: Lost in London (Home Sheep Home 2: Lost in London) with cheats

Home Sheep Home 2: Lost in London

Use the buttons to turn on the cheats that you see in the game window

Home Sheep Home 1 (Home Sheep Home 1) with cheats

Home Sheep Home 1

All levels are unlocked, all lambs jump much higher than usual

NT Creature (NT Creature) with cheats

NT Creature

Endless money (gold)

Bob the Robber 2 (Bob the Robber 2) with cheats

Bob the Robber 2

When you buy money is added.

Bob the Robber 1 (Bob the Robber 1) with cheats

Bob the Robber 1

All levels are unlocked


Quests with cheats - this is a popular game genre of all time. The first games in this genre appeared in the distant 70-th year, when the monitors were still black and white, and the graphics are very weak and flat. From English, the word "quest" translates as "searches", which means that the main goal of the game is to search for items. Finding objects in game locations, you can often combine them and use them to achieve goals, for example - open the door, run some action, or collect a thing that does not have one item. Playing such games with codes, constantly have to think and reflect.

Online flash quests with cheats are often distinguished by excellent graphics and can compete with full-fledged games. Now flash technology and professional artists give out very high-quality games that are rich in atmosphere, visual effects and a lot of small details, without which modern games can not do.


Game quests relate to the genre of detectives and adventures. By the user must perform certain tasks. If you do not do this go to a new level will not succeed. Therefore, it is important to pay close attention to game process, as it is important here for any nuances. Such a quest is full of mysteries and will be interesting for passing, both adults and children.


Each level here has many interesting features and an entertaining storyline that can be fully revealed only after completing the whole game entirely.

Help to go through complex missions or stages in such games can cheats and codes that work with all applications.

We offer you a large catalog of hacked games in the genre quests, which we carefully select and recommend to your attention