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Renegade Racing (Renegade Racing) with cheats

Renegade Racing

With upgrades, money is added.

Max Fury Death Racer (Max Fury Death Racer) with cheats

Max Fury Death Racer

When you buy money is added.

Death Racers (Death Racers) with cheats

Death Racers

All levels are unlocked, endless fuel and ammunition!

Deadly Race (Deadly Race) with cheats

Deadly Race

A lot of ammunition!

Rocky Rider 2 (Rocky Rider 2) with cheats

Rocky Rider 2

Endless fuel!

Rally Stage (Rally Stage) with cheats

Rally Stage

Button 1 - Turbo, Button 2 - Time, Button 3 - Money, Button 4 - Win level!

Gangsters Way (Gangsters Way) with cheats

Gangsters Way

All upgrades are free!

Police Pursuit 3D (Police Pursuit 3D) with cheats

Police Pursuit 3D

Button 3 - Nitro, Button 4 - Points, Button 5 - Time, Button 6 - Win level!

Paintball Racers (Paintball Racers) with cheats

Paintball Racers

Endless money.

The Heist 2 (The Heist 2) with cheats

The Heist 2

999 lives!

The Heist (The Heist) with cheats

The Heist

Endless money.

Desktop Racing 2 (Desktop Racing 2) with cheats

Desktop Racing 2

All levels are unlocked!

Desktop Racing (Desktop Racing) with cheats

Desktop Racing


Truck Monsters (Truck Monsters) with cheats

Truck Monsters

All purchases are free.

Car Eats Car 3 (Car Eats Car 3) with cheats

Car Eats Car 3

When you buy money is added.

Car Eats Car 2 - Deluxe (Car Eats Car 2 - Deluxe) with cheats

Car Eats Car 2 - Deluxe

All purchases are free.

Lethal Race (Lethal Race) with cheats

Lethal Race

Double health, all updates are free, and there is no timer.

Wheelchair (Wheelchair) with cheats


A lot of money and nitro!


Everyone wants to sit behind the wheel of a prestigious car or a healthy truck with large wheels. And so there is a game genre - a race in which you can play all your dreams and ride the car the way you wanted for a long time. Girls, like guys, also like driving on cars and so we created a separate section on our portal where we put out the best flash races with cheats.

There are lots of great online races with codes with great graphics, various cars and motorcycles, and of course with different tracks, obstacles on the way and opponents who want to overtake you and prevent you from coming to the finish line first.


Many people like to compete both against the program and with real players. The race games give such an opportunity to the user. Basic The task in such applications is to defeat all competitors on your car. About the race, you can say that this is one of the the most successful series of games. There may also be rounds where you need to set time to reach the finish line.

Many games are notable for the large selection of transport means. In addition, they can also be upgraded and tuned by acquiring Additional spare parts for the money earned from the races. You can get them using cheats and codes, which work fine games. 

You are expected to various races on the streets of the city, on the mountains, off-road and even on the sea coasts on boats and ships. So, choose any hacked race, pick up transport and full speed ahead!