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Duck Life 4 (Duck Life 4) with cheats

Duck Life 4

Key hacks : [Q] Money + 10000 [W] Duck 1 level meters + 10 [E] Duck 2 level

Duck Life 3 - Evolution (Duck Life 3 - Evolution) with cheats

Duck Life 3 - Evolution

Much money!

Lucky Tower 2 (Lucky Tower 2) with cheats

Lucky Tower 2

All purchases are free.

Super Chibi Knight (Super Chibi Knight) with cheats

Super Chibi Knight

Button 1 - Activate health, Button 2 - Activate mana, Button 3 - for XP!

Decision - Medieval (Decision - Medieval) with cheats

Decision - Medieval

Button 6 - Activate health, Button 7 - Activate device health, Button 8 -

Sonny 2 (Sonny 2) with cheats

Sonny 2

Endless money and upgrade points!

Sonny (Sonny) with cheats


A lot of resources!

Sacred Treasure (Sacred Treasure) with cheats

Sacred Treasure

Button 5 - Health, Button 6 - Mana, Button 7 - Gold, Button 8 - Shards, Button

Soda Dungeon Lite (Soda Dungeon Lite) with cheats

Soda Dungeon Lite

Button 1 - Activate health, Button 2 - Activate mana, Button 3 - Gold!

Knight Elite: Orc Assault (Knight Elite: Orc Assault) with cheats

Knight Elite: Orc Assault

Buttons 1 - add money, Button 2 - add crystals.

Knighttron (Knighttron) with cheats


Hack Menu [Forward Slash(/):Show/Hide] : [1] - Toggle HP [2] - Toggle MP [3] -

Specter Knight (Specter Knight) with cheats

Specter Knight

Button H - Activate health, Button J - Special, Button K - Bombs, Button L -

Renegades (Renegades) with cheats


When you buy money is added.

Rawr (Rawr) with cheats


When you buy money is added.

Wood Worker (Wood Worker) with cheats

Wood Worker

All levels are unlocked!

Buccaneer (Buccaneer) with cheats


When you buy money is added.

Paladin (Paladin) with cheats


On the left there is the item "Cheats", in it you can customize cheats for

Rune Raiders (Rune Raiders) with cheats

Rune Raiders

Much money!


RPG role-playing games allow users to manage Its character and at the same time to open an interesting world around. Such genres especially popular, because you can send in an adventure, conquering the unknown space and in parallel improving the various characteristics of the character. The plot of the role-playing game is built in such a way that everything actions must be performed by the chosen hero, for which he receives various points that go to improve it.

Such games have long stories, and every mission as far as growth level will become more complicated. To quickly improve your chosen hero you can run games with cheats or enter special codes.