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Severe Road (Severe Road) with cheats

Severe Road

When you buy money is added.

Strike Force Commando (Strike Force Commando) with cheats

Strike Force Commando

Button 5 - Health, Button 6 - Ammunition, Button 7 - Money, Button 8 - Kill the

Days 2 Die: The Other Side (Days 2 Die: The Other Side) with cheats

Days 2 Die: The Other Side

When you buy money is added, infinite ammunition!

Duck Tub Battle (Duck Tub Battle) with cheats

Duck Tub Battle

All upgrades are free!

Tank Blitz Zero (Tank Blitz Zero) with cheats

Tank Blitz Zero

Infinite ammunition!

Tank 4 Hire (Tank 4 Hire) with cheats

Tank 4 Hire

Button 1 - Health, Button 2 - Speed of fire, Button 3 - Money!

Intruder Combat Training 2x (Intruder Combat Training 2x) with cheats

Intruder Combat Training 2x

Button 1 - Activate health, Button 2 - Activate ammunition, Button 3 - Activate

Intruder Combat Training (Intruder Combat Training) with cheats

Intruder Combat Training

Infinite ammunition!

Little Farm Protect (Защита Маленькой Фермы) with cheats

Защита Маленькой Фермы

Кнопка 6 - Увеличить HP, Кнопка 7 - Золото, Кнопка 8 - Убить всех врагов!

Super Battle City 2 (Super Battle City 2) with cheats

Super Battle City 2

Coming soon!

Bear in Super Action Adventure (Bear in Super Action Adventure) with cheats

Bear in Super Action Adventure

Button 1 - Activate health, Button 2 - Activate cooldown, Button 3 - Money!

Super Marine (Super Marine) with cheats

Super Marine

Press 1 when downloading to get all the resources to the maximum!

Super Squad (Super Squad) with cheats

Super Squad

Button 1 - Barikade health, Button 2 - Cooldown, Button 3 - Money, Button 4 -

Evilgeddon Spooky Max (Evilgeddon Spooky Max) with cheats

Evilgeddon Spooky Max

Button 4 - HP, Button 5 - Ammunition, Button 6 - Money, Button 7 - Stars!

Storm Ops 2 - Desert Storm (Storm Ops 2 - Desert Storm) with cheats

Storm Ops 2 - Desert Storm

Infinite health and money!

Gunner Vario (Gunner Vario) with cheats

Gunner Vario

Coming soon!

Imperial Guardians (Imperial Guardians) with cheats

Imperial Guardians

Coming soon!

Sentry Knight 3: Conquest (Sentry Knight 3: Conquest) with cheats

Sentry Knight 3: Conquest

Endless bonuses!


Shooting games have many dynamic stories. Basic The task of playing in such applications is to constantly move and kill enemies with the help of firearms. Depending on the chosen type of shooter can have a large number of levels and different enemies. Due to this, in this genre is quite entertaining.

In order to more effectively and quickly defeat all enemies, it is necessary constantly improve existing weapons and acquire new ones. For this, each Complete killing accrues points for which all necessary improvement. Cheats and codes can be used in this category of games. They allow quickly gain access to all the improvements.