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Turbo Golf (Turbo Golf) with cheats

Turbo Golf

Start with 1000000 money, All unlocked

Ricochet Kills 2 (Ricochet Kills 2) with cheats

Ricochet Kills 2

Infinite ammunition!

Kill the Plumber (Kill the Plumber) with cheats

Kill the Plumber

All levels are unlocked!

Awesome Pirates (Awesome Pirates) with cheats

Awesome Pirates

All purchases are free.

Destroy the Village (Destroy the Village) with cheats

Destroy the Village

Infinite missiles and fuel.

Little Farm Protect (Защита Маленькой Фермы) with cheats

Защита Маленькой Фермы

Кнопка 6 - Увеличить HP, Кнопка 7 - Золото, Кнопка 8 - Убить всех врагов!

Arrows and Horns (Arrows and Horns) with cheats

Arrows and Horns

All levels are unlocked!

Stick Squad (Stick Squad) with cheats

Stick Squad

All upgrades are free!

Sports Heads - Tennis (Sports Heads - Tennis) with cheats

Sports Heads - Tennis

All levels are unlocked. Unlimited number of touches.

Sports Heads - Volleyball (Sports Heads - Volleyball) with cheats

Sports Heads - Volleyball

All levels are unlocked. Unlimited number of touches.

Ricochet Kills: Space (Ricochet Kills: Space) with cheats

Ricochet Kills: Space

Button 1 - Ammunition, Button 2 - Win level!

Ricochet Kills (Ricochet Kills) with cheats

Ricochet Kills

Infinite ammunition!

Give Up 2 (Give Up 2) with cheats

Give Up 2

Button 1 - Immortality, Button 2 - Win level!

The Lance (The Lance) with cheats

The Lance

Much money!

Crush the Castle 2 (Crush the Castle 2) with cheats

Crush the Castle 2

All weapons are unlocked!

Crush the Castle - Players Pack (Crush the Castle - Players Pack) with cheats

Crush the Castle - Players Pack

All weapons are unlocked!

Crush the Castle (Crush the Castle) with cheats

Crush the Castle

All levels are unlocked, lots of ammunition!


Skill games are considered one of the fascinating, but at the same time complex genres. Such applications have quite complex levels. However, this is only at the first acquaintance with such a game. After passing the first few rounds, the player improves his agility and reacts faster to the necessary actions that occur in the game process.


With each new level, you need to make faster and more accurate decisions and press the appropriate key. To simplify the complexity you can play with codes or cheats. They will allow you to quickly overcome complex parts of the game.