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Turbo Golf (Turbo Golf) with cheats

Turbo Golf

Start with 1000000 money, All unlocked

Stick Figure Badminton 2 (Stick Figure Badminton 2) with cheats

Stick Figure Badminton 2

Coming soon!

Sports Heads - Tennis (Sports Heads - Tennis) with cheats

Sports Heads - Tennis

All levels are unlocked. Unlimited number of touches.

Sports Heads - Volleyball (Sports Heads - Volleyball) with cheats

Sports Heads - Volleyball

All levels are unlocked. Unlimited number of touches.

New Star Soccer (New Star Soccer) with cheats

New Star Soccer

When you buy money is added.

Tennis Legends 2016 (Tennis Legends 2016) with cheats

Tennis Legends 2016

Coming soon!

Basketball Legends (Basketball Legends) with cheats

Basketball Legends

Coming soon!

Puppet Ice Hockey (Puppet Ice Hockey) with cheats

Puppet Ice Hockey

Button 1 - Goals, Button 2 - Money!

Awesome Run 2 (Awesome Run 2) with cheats

Awesome Run 2

Button 1 - Activate energy drinks, Button 2 - Activate boost, Button 3 -

Sports Heads - Basketball (Sports Heads - Basketball) with cheats

Sports Heads - Basketball

All matches are won.

Avalanche Stunts (Avalanche Stunts) with cheats

Avalanche Stunts

All upgrades are free!

Speed Play World Soccer 4 (Speed Play World Soccer 4) with cheats

Speed Play World Soccer 4

Coming soon!

Urban Basketball Challenge (Urban Basketball Challenge) with cheats

Urban Basketball Challenge

3 times more time


Fans of various sports sports will appreciate sports games. They can be of different genres, right down to the simulator. Especially popular are team sports games and fighting games. Here It is necessary to manage the whole team and hire only the best athletes. Player must be able to respond quickly to the whole event and at the right time to score in gate of their rivals.


Passing each stage, the team or individual athlete will be get points for each defeated opponent. These glasses need to be distributed to improve all characteristics. Cheats and codes will help to raise skills to the tedious level and quickly win any opponent.