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Feudalism 3 (Feudalism 3) with cheats

Feudalism 3

When you buy money is added.

Feudalism 2 (Feudalism 2) with cheats

Feudalism 2

Infinite resources.

Ultimate Tower (Ultimate Tower) with cheats

Ultimate Tower

Button 1 - Activate health, Button 2 - Activate character health, Button 3 -

Wacky Strike (Wacky Strike) with cheats

Wacky Strike

Button G - Health, Button H - Cooldown, Button J - Candy, Button K - Magic

Scrap Metal Heroes (Scrap Metal Heroes) with cheats

Scrap Metal Heroes

Infinite resources.

Vault of Xenos (Vault of Xenos) with cheats

Vault of Xenos

Button 4 - Lives, Button 5 - Health units, Button 6 - Skill, Button 7 - Kill

Tales of Terratos (Tales of Terratos) with cheats

Tales of Terratos

Button 1 - Activate barrier health, Button 2 - Secret points, Button 3 - Fury,

The Truth Simulation (The Truth Simulation) with cheats

The Truth Simulation

Much money!

Grid of Defense (Grid of Defense) with cheats

Grid of Defense

When you buy money is added.

Robotic Emergence (Robotic Emergence) with cheats

Robotic Emergence

When you buy money is added.

Renegades (Renegades) with cheats


When you buy money is added.

Relic of War (Relic of War) with cheats

Relic of War

Much money!

Obliterate Everything 2 (Obliterate Everything 2) with cheats

Obliterate Everything 2

Lots of credits and energy!

Way of Defence (Way of Defence) with cheats

Way of Defence

For every killed enemy give 10 times more money!

Desert Moon (Desert Moon) with cheats

Desert Moon

When you buy money is added.

Bubble Tanks 3 (Bubble Tanks 3) with cheats

Bubble Tanks 3

All purchases are free.

Bubble Tanks Tower Defense (Bubble Tanks Tower Defense) with cheats

Bubble Tanks Tower Defense

When you buy money is added.

Cursed Treasure 2 (Cursed Treasure 2) with cheats

Cursed Treasure 2

All purchases are free!


Strategy games have so many different plots. it can be either real, where it is required to develop a specific state or to advocate a certain army in battles with the enemy, as well as fictional where there are mythological or fantastic characters and worlds. In any of the The genre of strategy is quite fascinating and allows for a long time plunge into the story line, gradually passing each level.

All missions of complexity are constantly growing as you pass company. For a more comfortable game, all applications support codes and cheats, which help to pass the most difficult stretches of the game.