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Days 2 Die: The Other Side (Days 2 Die: The Other Side) with cheats

Days 2 Die: The Other Side

When you buy money is added, infinite ammunition!

Evilgeddon Spooky Max (Evilgeddon Spooky Max) with cheats

Evilgeddon Spooky Max

Button 4 - HP, Button 5 - Ammunition, Button 6 - Money, Button 7 - Stars!

Stop GMO 2 (Stop GMO 2) with cheats

Stop GMO 2

Endless money and ammunition!

Stop GMO (Stop GMO) with cheats

Stop GMO

The number of coins produced is increased by 10 times!

SAS - Zombie Assault 2 (SAS - Zombie Assault 2) with cheats

SAS - Zombie Assault 2

Coming soon!

SAS - Zombie Assault (SAS - Zombie Assault) with cheats

SAS - Zombie Assault

Infinite health, ammunition and a lot of money!

Robinson Crusoe Game (Robinson Crusoe Game) with cheats

Robinson Crusoe Game

Free shopping!

Decision 3 (Decision 3) with cheats

Decision 3

Button 8 - Health, Button 9 - Ammunition, Button G - Money, Button H -

Decision 2: New City (Decision 2: New City) with cheats

Decision 2: New City

Lots of money and health.

The Last Stand - Union City (The Last Stand - Union City) with cheats

The Last Stand - Union City

Button 3 - Add money, Button 4 - Fill health, Button 5 - Add 100 XP!

The Last Stand (The Last Stand) with cheats

The Last Stand


Try To Survive (Try To Survive) with cheats

Try To Survive

Much money!

Planet Noevo (Planet Noevo) with cheats

Planet Noevo

Infinite resources.

Shoot-Out In The West (Shoot-Out In The West) with cheats

Shoot-Out In The West

Coming soon!

Snake Squad (Snake Squad) with cheats

Snake Squad

Much money!

Alone - Zombiewoods (Alone - Zombiewoods) with cheats

Alone - Zombiewoods

Button 5 - Activate Health, Button 2 - Zoom lvl, Button 7 - Stars, Button 8 -

Minicraft Flash (Minicraft Flash) with cheats

Minicraft Flash

Coming soon!

Flippin` Dead (Flippin` Dead) with cheats

Flippin` Dead

Button L - Add lives!


Survival games are built around an interesting story where the user, by selecting the appropriate character, begins to participate in the arcade adventure, calculating the resources necessary for life creating various modifications of weapons for protection. Toys about survival can include several different scenes at once, where you need to quickly react and move, and also shoot to pass to the next level.


In such games there are many useful and rare resources. In order to use them, the user must destroy enemies or look for places where they can be hidden. Cheats and codes help to simplify this process and make the story more exciting.