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Tank Blitz Zero (Tank Blitz Zero) with cheats

Tank Blitz Zero

Infinite ammunition!

Tank Rage in Zombie City (Tank Rage in Zombie City) with cheats

Tank Rage in Zombie City

All upgrades are free!

Tank 4 Hire (Tank 4 Hire) with cheats

Tank 4 Hire

Button 1 - Health, Button 2 - Speed of fire, Button 3 - Money!

Super Battle City 2 (Super Battle City 2) with cheats

Super Battle City 2

Coming soon!

Grid of Defense (Grid of Defense) with cheats

Grid of Defense

When you buy money is added.

Tank Travel (Tank Travel) with cheats

Tank Travel

All upgrades are free!

Tiny Tanks (Tiny Tanks) with cheats

Tiny Tanks

Infinite ammunition!

Awesome Tanks 2 (Awesome Tanks 2) with cheats

Awesome Tanks 2

All upgrades are free!

Awesome Tanks (Awesome Tanks) with cheats

Awesome Tanks

All purchases are free.

Total Tankage (Total Tankage) with cheats

Total Tankage

Coming soon!

Big Battle Tanks (Big Battle Tanks) with cheats

Big Battle Tanks

Endless money, ammunition, resources.

Slash Zombies Rampage (Slash Zombies Rampage) with cheats

Slash Zombies Rampage

Button 6 - Get armor, Button 7 - Get fuel, Button 8 - Get money!


Game tanks is a popular type of application that has a great variety in choosing different levels. The player must control the tanks and destroy enemy vehicles. It is also necessary to avoid hitting enemy shells otherwise the technique may be damaged.


The game is different and the presence of a large number of cards. Many levels have different degrees of difficulty and at the end of some there are bosses with an increased level of health. Passing the game with cheats can quickly defeat powerful enemies. Codes can change the various technical specifications of the tank or increase the necessary resources.